by Marc Seale

After selecting Seale history as a theme for my first web site I was reminded by my mother that Virginia Vance’s madden name is Seale. So who is Virginia Vance? When I was in the third grade or there abouts, the Vance family moved near our home in the country near Columbus Ohio. The nearest town was Brice, with a two digit population. The Vance family had three girls – the oldest, Linda, was my age – and one boy, Tim, registered in the grade ahead of me.

TIm, Linda, EJ,Carol

Virginia sent this wonderful picture of the "gang" as I remember them. Left to right, Tim, Linda, EJ, and Carol. The memories of playing in that beautiful barn in the background are still vivid.

We were the only boys in a 5 mile radius. That left us little choice but to spend time together during an age when girls were intolerably distasteful creatures.

EJ Now

This is E.J. now with her son David and Virginia holding David's son Robert.

I found Virginia’s phone number in the Internet (where else) and called her to see if she knew anything about her Seale ancestry and to catch up on everyone. Virginia had written a book about their life and published a copy for each member of the family! Since the manuscript was produced on a computer Virginia agreed to e-mail it to me. All 200 pages!


This is Linda, her daughter; and, Virginia is holding a great grand child!

Well, my plan was to extract the Seale parts for my page but I was caught up in the story. Virginia’s husband Paul began the most difficult phase of his struggle with illness when they left Brice Ohio for California. I was very young when I knew Paul. You don't have to be old to recognize a gentleman and a gentle man. Paul was both and more and I am proud to have known him and pleased to have learned from him.

Tim Vance today

This is Tim today with his son. Maybe someone will find just a little bit better picture.