Before I bring you up-to-date, I'd like to back track some. All the years that Paul's health wasn't good and I had the responsibility to keep things going, I seemed to experience excellent health. I think God kept me well so that I could take care of him. Then, two months after he died, I experienced a severe case of sciatica. This was the beginning of a long series of surgeries.

My left hip had been fractured in 1979 and in May of 1982 I fell while walking, which resulted in a hairline fracture of my right hip. In the fall of 1982, I had surgery at Akron General Hospital, a spinal fusion. I was in this hospital for one full month, most of the time flat on my back. I came home with a cast from just under my arms to the top of my hip joint. It was most uncomfortable and I had a hard time breathing. So hard, in fact, that I had to go back to the hospital in Akron and have this plaster of Paris cast cut off. It was replaced with one that consisted of two pieces, back and front, held together with velcro. I wore this for six months, during which time I was not allowed to remove it unless I was laying flat on my back again. I couldn't take showers or baths, so only relied on sponge baths, taken when I was laying down on my bed. My daughter, Linda, came over in the mornings to help me. However, I made up my mind that I could do it myself. A nurse told me I couldn't do it alone -- but I did. I was on Long Term Disability from my position at Clow Water Systems and after six months, I did go back to work in the Spring of 1983 for a short time.

Through all this I continued to live in our home at Wills Creek until 1992 -- a total of 28 years. This is where Paul and I intended to live out our lives. I had to give up when I could no longer feed the wood burning furnace, tend the garden or shovel the snow off the walk to the garage.

In August of 1992, I purchased a home at 1357 Tomahawk Lane in Coshocton. I missed being in the country when Spring arrived -- the sound of birds singing, migrating geese flying over the house, the quietness interupted by the sound of tractors plowing the nearby fields. However, I preferred being in town in the winter months, when the snow falls.

Some of the things that I am involved in today are exercise classes at our local Senior Center. These classes are three times a week, for an hour each session. They are free and it keeps my arthritis under control. I know I probably wouldn't exercise by myself at home, but when there is a class participating, it is enjoyable. Line dancing is another exercise that I enjoy. I am part of a group known as the Silver Liners. We have danced at schools, nursing homes in the area and Veteran's Organizations. Once a week, I take church bulletins and cassette tapes to those in my church that can no longer attend the regular services. I have a very good friend who usually goes with me. Her name is Kaye Baumgardner. So my calendar is full of activites plus Doctor appointments, dental appointments, etc. My children say they need an appointment to see me. However, I also sometimes think I need one to see them, as they all lead busy lives.

The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance. Psalm 16:6 (NIV)