Marc at 50th Marc at 4th
Welcome from your friendly webmaster caught here on the occasion of his 50th birthday surprise party. Only 46 years after his first job as an ace mechanic.

Welcome to the picture page.

This page will change often to display new pictures as they become available.

Anne and Cliff

Cliff and Anne Christmas '97.

Bill and Ruth Xmas '97

This years Bill and Ruth + animal Christmas card picture.

Christmas '97

The Infamous Christmas '97 Gang


Hi Joan, how's Denver? Also, see Joan's daughter, Judy B., live video music news reporter on JamTV.


Chico got his very own Christmas present this year. He even opened it himself!

Larry and Joyce

Larry and Joyce -- 4th of July 1997.

The King family

John is smiling because his Radio Shack store has made it through Christmas '97.


Rex is now an official deer sausage maker.


Just a reminder that Spring is on its way.

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