Ship's Compliment for the 2007 Season
May August September
21-27 20 -26 24 -30
1 Captain Charlie Captain Charlie Captain Charlie
2 Admiral Joy Admiral Joy Admiral Joy
3 Chef Eleesa Chef Eleesa Chef Eleesa
4 Crew Salim Crew David Crew Bruce
5 Crew Salim's Wife Crew Scotty Crew Cindy
6 Crew Stan Crew Joyce Crew Bob
7 Crew Terry Crew Stan Crew Sandy
8 Crew David Crew Terry Crew Marge
9 Crew Scotty Crew Marc Crew John
10 Crew Robert Crew Irene Crew  
11 Crew Kathy Crew M3 Crew  
12 Crew Crew   Crew  
13 Crew   Crew   Crew  
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