MGAWhen I left our home in Ohio to seek my fortune in California my father bought a basket-case MGA to restore. Later Dad moved to Greenville and towed the incomplete body to its new home in the country outside of Greenville. There the first restoration was completed. When they decided to move into Greenville there was no place to keep the MG so Dad gave the car to me. I drove it, fixed it, repainted it, and had a good time with it until I moved from Greenville to the country outside of Greenville. Now I had no place to keep it and sold it to my brother-in-law, Dan.

Dan and wife Jan flew to Greenville, rented a truck and trailer and moved their prize to their home in Fresno, California. There they embarked on an odyssey of restoration that spanned years. The result is worth it just to see Jan's smile. Since then the MGA has won first place at a Fresno car show. Oh yea...and James can't wait to be the chauffeur.


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